I’m Raquel Acosta, the human behind Glaze Me Pretty, a self taught ceramicist making pottery from my garden studio in South West London (United Kingdom).

I find joy in making simple everyday objects beautiful.
A mug that you look at before taking a sip, in the middle of a stressful day.
A jug that you pick up from the cupboard and stare at it, discovering a little detail you hadn’t seen before.
Beauty that is part of your day, made to be used.

I chose Glaze Me Pretty as a name long before I knew anything about glazes.
When I learnt that glazes form crystals while molten in the same way as rocks and minerals form beneath the earth’s surface, I knew this is what I wanted to make. Past me was on the right track!

I develop each glaze over months in search of a quality that makes it unique.
It could be glazes with crystals formed by molecules bonding on a beautiful pattern, crystals that will be different on each piece.
Or glazes that create patterns of multiple colours, these patterns as well slightly different every time.

I am fascinated by glazes, and I want to pass on this fascination to you.
Happiness for me is making truly unique objects that will never be exactly replicated. Pieces that tell the story of how minerals are formed.

If this resonates with you, let’s keep in touch!

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Raquel Acosta
Photo credit: Jose Esteve
Photo credit: Charlie Zampetti
Photo credit: Jose Esteve