Jug – Seafoam Green


Handmade ceramic jug glazed with a beautiful multi-tonal glaze. Use it to pour milk, gravy or to top up the water in your oil burner!

The glaze is pretty special! almost white before firing, the colour develops at a very high temperature inside the kiln. Several colours emerge in the molten glaze, forming a landscape of green, blue, cream and orange tones. Just like nature, the pattern of colours is always different.


Height: 7.5 cm
Top diameter: 5 cm
Capacity: 100 ml

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Each piece is made with durable stoneware clay thrown on the pottery wheel. After drying for a day, the bottoms are trimmed and the piece is let to fully dry for a week. Once dry, they are fired to 900 degrees C, glazed and fired again to 1260 degrees C. Finally the bottoms are sanded twice with diamond pads to achieve a silky smooth finish.

Every item is completely unique, the glaze may look slightly different on each piece and dimensions may vary by a few millimetres.