Keep warm cup – Crystal Amber-Blue


Handmade stoneware cup thrown on the wheel and glazed with Crystal Amber-Blue glaze. This glaze has crystals all over that grow within the glaze while is cooling down in the kiln.

The silicone lid creates a light vacuum when pressed, preventing spilling the liquid and strong enough to lift the cup! release the vacuum by lifting the lid with one finger upwards. The lid will keep your tea or coffee warm for longer and prevent any dust from going in, the silicone band will protect your hand from burning. These are perfect for the office, to move safely between the kitchen and desk or to meeting rooms.

While the vacuum seal is strong enough to lift the weight of the empty cup, these are not leak-proof and not the same as travel cups.

Height: 9 cm
Diameter: 8 cm

Approx. capacity: 250 ml

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All pieces are individually handmade.
The clay used is white stoneware clay, fired to a high temperature to make sure it is vitrified and non porous. This makes all pieces dishwasher and microwave safe.
All glazes have been developed in my studio to ensure they are chemically stable and durable. A stable glaze won’t fade or leach over time, making them suitable for contact with food. None of the glazes contain lead or cadmium.