Porcelain Earrings – Amber and Blue Square


Handmade porcelain stud earrings glazed with an amber glaze with beautiful blue crystals. A touch of colour with an elegant minimalist feel.

They come in an undyed kraft gift box made of recycled material with a white eco-fibre fill.

The glaze is pretty special! almost white before firing, the colour develops at a very high temperature inside the kiln. Crystals form while molten in the same way as rocks and minerals form beneath the earth’s surface. Just like minerals in nature, the pattern of crystals is always different.


8 mm x 8 mm


To keep the silver at its best, avoid exposing them to water and sweat. Wearing them often will prevent the silver from tarnishing.
If the silver has tarnished, clean them with warm soapy water. Dry them with a soft lint free nonabrasive cloth before storing.

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Each earring is made with the whitest porcelain, individually cut and carefully sponged smooth. Once dry, they are fired to 900 degrees C, glazed with a tiny brush and fired again to 1260 degrees C. Finally the sterling silver backs are sanded and attached with a glue designed for jewellery.

Every earring is completely unique, the glaze may look slightly different on each piece.